Quick facts

Fungus can Zombie Ant’s head!

Outside of Oklahoma, scissor-tailed flycatchers are found in only a few states.

Only the nine-banded armadillo population is currently thought to be growing.

56 Million years ago, horses were the size of house cats.

The Atlas moths wingspan is about as long as an iPad.

Your skin sheds and regrows about once a month.

Spider silk has been used to make violin strings.

An aardvark can dig faster than several people with shovels.

A decapitated cockroach head can still wiggle its antennae.

Outside you are rarely more than than six feet away from a spider.

Certain lizards have Green blood.

In England black cats are considered Good luck.

Like many frogs, African bull frogs EAT their skin after shedding it.

With its giant ears a fennec fox can hear tiny insects moving underground.

In medieval Europe people thought owls were witches.

A wolf’s howl can sometimes be heard from 10 miles away by other wolves.

Chalk is made from the skeletons of ancient sea creatures.

Some tarantulas are blue.

Some fish use their “fins” to walk along the ocean floor.

The Patagonian mara , a south american rodent, often bounces up and down on all four legs.

Nosewise, Sturdy and Hardy were popular dog names in medieval times.

Certain geckos comunicate by barking.

Cows can drink a bathtub full of water a day.

Scientists found a new species of monkey with A BLUE BOTTOM! 

Love struck mosquitoes harmonize their buzzing sounds.

Giraffe “horns” are actually called ossicones.

No whales, dolphins or porpoise can breathe underwater.

The sissor-tailed flycatchers are one of the few long-tailed flycatcher species commonly seen in the U.S.A!

Armadillos eat insects and other invertebrates!

Sea cucumbers can grow to over 6 feet long!

Giant clams are the biggest and heaviest mollusk in the world!

Female tahrs can weigh up to 80 pounds and males can weigh up to 160 pounds!

Himalayan tahrs live in groups of 2 – 30 animals!

Himalayan tahrs are goat like animals that live on some of the steepest cliffs and mountains in the world!

Pill bugs are not insects. They are actually isopods a type of crustacean!

Not all armadillos can fully encase themselves by curling into a ball!

Though Tapirs may look like a pig mixed with an elephant they are actually related to rhinos and horses!

Too many pages? I know but here’s a good one. This one is called quick facts because it’s going to be filled with some quick facts I know about, I can find off the internet or even one from a book/magazine. So keep a look out for some cool quick facts I’ll be posting!!

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