Beetroot and Jerusalem Artichoke Boulangere {Gratin}

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food to glow

beetroot-jerusalem-artichoke-gratin-boulangere food to glowPotatoes get more than their fair share of love. While not disliking potatoes, my grown up palate prefers other vegetables to this white, perfectly pleasant tuber.

I do persist in buying potatoes – keeping them cool and dark like one is supposed to – but more often than not these are the vegetables that grow eyes, eyes that plead “don’t throw me on the compost pile. Just scrape off the green and we are fine to eat.” They are lying of course. My poor husband, for whom mashed potato would be his desert island dish, usually has to get his potato lust sated elsewhere. What can I say?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not immune to the charms of the triple cooked chip, or the lure of softly creamy, garlic-scented dauphinoise. But mostly I am happy with other tubers and roots, and also to the grains and pseudo grains that…

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To you people checking

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1. Which of the following is NOT a behaviour of chameleons?

a. holding it’s breath for several days

b. changing it’s colour

c. moving each of it’s eyes separately

d. stretching it’s tongue longer than the size of it’s body

2. How long does a young gorilla share a nest with before leaving on it’s own?

a. 1 to 2 days

b. 3 to 5 weeks

c. 1 to 2 years

d. 3 to 4 years

3. How do penguins sleep?

a. on their backs

b. standing up

c. waist-deep in water

4. Pugs were the favoured pets of which rulers?

a. Egyptian pharaohs

b. Chinese emperors

c. British prime ministers

d. Roman emperors

5. Giant pandas do what to scare off their enemies?

a. stand on their hind legs

b. pound their chests

c. bark

d. sneeze

6. Which of the following is the only bird to have just two toes on each foot?

a. owl

b. peacock

c. ostrich

d. big bird

7. A cricket detects sounds through which body part?

a. stomach

b. eyes

c. knees

d. mouth

8. Which of these animals does NOT live in Antarctica?

a. puffins

b. Adélie penguins

c. leopard seals

d. orcas

9. President _____________ received two tiger cubs as a gift, but congress convinced him to give them to a zoo?

a. Jimmy Carter

b. John Quincy Adams

c. Ulysses S. Grant

d. Martin Van Buren

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13 Rain Forest facts

1- Darwin’s bark spiders in Madagascar’s forests can weave 82-foot-wide webs.

2- Goliath beetles from Africa’s rain forests can weigh nearly as much as a stick of butter.

3- In Central American forests, rival strawberry poison dart frogs might wrestle for up to 20 minutes.

4- When pangolins-scaly mammals from African and Asian rain forests-curl up and resemble as pinecones.

5- The rhinoceros hornbill bird from southeast asian forests has a hornlike structure on it’s head that looks like an extra beak.

6- Latin American forests are home to black howler monkeys, whose calls can be heard three miles away.

7- The rainbow boa has prism-like scales that turn light into rainbow when it bounces off the snake.

8- Kinkajous, which live in central and south American rain forests like to lick honey from beehives,

9- India’s Jeypore-Dehing forest is home to seven wild cat species, the most recorded in a single area.

10- Most golden lion tamarins, which live in rain forests in Brazil, have a twin.

11- Found in Australian rain forests, the red-legged pademelon rests it’s head on it’s tail while sleeping.

12- Living in Central and South American rain forests, a sloth can carry algae, beetles, and even roaches in it’s fur.


– The wingspan of the blue morpho butterfly from Central and South American rain forests is six inches wide.dominica_rain_forest


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