Type: Mammals – cats

Diet: Carnivore

Size relative to a 6-foot man:

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 4.11.58 PM.png

Size: Head and body 32-40, tail 4-8

Weight: 10 – 20kg

Group name: these animals hunt alone though do mate and produce cubs

Locations: Remote Northern forests of North America, Europe and Asia

These amazing animals are just beautiful and amazing. They are mainly found in snowy regions that turn hot in summer. Either way they are capable a lot and i am very fond of these animals. They are endangered animals fighting for survival. If numbers don’t move up soon, i fear these animals will only be found in captivity. We can all do something to help!

Anyways got to go. Stay tuned for more information on other animals or anything new on the blog. Thx guys, catch ya next time!!! 🙂 😛 xx



Type:Mammals – Civets and relatives

Diet: Carnivore –  lizards, birds, bugs and fruit

Size relative to a 6-foot man:

Illustration: Meerkat compared with adult man

Size: Their head and body is 25 – 30 cm and their tail is 19 – 24cm

Weight: 975g

Group name: colonies

Locations: Southern Africa

These amazing little creatures live together in packs. The meerkat is a shout-outfor my teacher Mrs. Giglio whose birthday was the 5th of November, happy birthday Mrs. Giglio! Thanks for reading fun facts about meerkats, I hope I can create some more shout – outs for all my peeps out there!! Also that you keep a look out for any more facts I might write out about meerkats! Thanks guys, gotta go!! xx See yah’s !!!!!!!!! 🙂

The Bottlenose dolphin


Type: They are mammals – Whales and Dolphins

Diet: Carnivore – fish, molluscs and crustaceans

Size relative to a 6-foot man: 

Illustration: Bottlenose dolphin compared with adult man

Size: 3 – 4.2 metres

Weight: 500kgs

Group name: Pods

Locations: Anywhere in the world except for around the north and south pole.

I know that dolphins are very popular around the globe. I chose the bottle nose pod because this is one of the only dolphins that one, people know about and two are found nearly everywhere around the world so lots of people see them.This is what makes them so popular, as well as being amazingly friendly around humans. Before I finish up on the bottlenose dolphins I’d like to make a shoutout to all of those readers or non-readers who’s favourite animals are dolphins, especially those of the bottlenose kind!!

Anyways, gotta go now but just remember all of this and if I find anymore information on bottlenose dolphins i promise to post it. Sorry, I’ve gotta seriously sorry. Bye!!

From The Creator!! xx ❤ 🙂 😉

Here is my first one: ^^

This page is al about the favourite animals I hear are going around these days. Most of the information I post on this page will be from my Animals a children’s encyclopaedia book. Not only them but if in the comments section you post a section saying:

Dear Creator,

My favourite animal is a …  because …

Thanks from …

I will surely get back to you and post on this page as much information about your animal as I can! I hope you all have fun on this page!!! 🙂

Yours sincerely The creator 🙂


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