In this one, not only are they about animals but also things that may or may not trick you good. But not only that,these ones kinda made me laugh. So I hope they do the same for you all!! 🙂

1.Pugs were favoured pets of which rulers?

a. Egyptian Pharaohs

b. Chinese Emperors

c. British Prime Ministers

d. Roman Emperors

 2.Which of these Emoticons were the first to be used online?

a. 🙂

b. :-I

c. ❤


3.What did pop star Taylor Swift do on her 18th birthday?

a. graduated from high school

b. won a country music award

c. released her first album Fearless

d. registered to vote

4.Where can players of the virtual world of Animal Jam learn fun facts and test their knowledge?

a. the Quizatorium

b. the Temple of Trivia

c. the Fact Shrine

d. the Trivia hub

5.Giant pandas do what to scare off their enemies?

a. stand on their hind legs

b. pound their chests

c. bark

d. sneeze

6.Which of the following is the only bird to have just two toes on each foot?

a. owl

b. peacock

c. ostrich

d. Big Bird

7.What is the name of the belt of volcanoes around the edges of the Pacific Ocean?

a. Ring of fire

b. Hoop of heat

c. Loop of lava

d. Circle of death

8.A cricket detects sound through which body part?

a. stomach

b. eyes

c. knees

d. mouth

9.Which of the following is actually a sport?

a. underwater hockey

b. extreme ironing

c. toe wrestling

d. all of the above

10.What is the name of Wolverine’s archenemy?

a. The Hulk

b. Sabretooth

c. Beast

d. Cyclops


Which one do you think is right? Find out with my next post just promise you won’t peek!!!!!

Creator 🙂  :-I  ❤  😛


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