Hero Dog

Loganville, Georgia

When 5-year-old Alida

takes her turn on the slide, the next in line isn’t another kid. It’s her service dog, Mr. Gibbs. The goldendoodle, a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle, carries the oxygen tanks connected to the tubes that help Alida breathe. msnbc_vps_young_girl_alive_by_carrying_her_oxygen

Alida was diagnosed with disease that makes it hard for her to breathe. To keep her lungs healthier, she needs to receive extra oxygen for all but one hour a day. At first her dad, Aron, built rolling carts of oxygen for her to pull while she crawled. But when Alida began walking, her parents wanted her to be able to play without having to drag around a tank. They decided to try a service dog. wpid-article-1331756996870-12296225000005dc-598812_636x338

“The first time Mr. Gibbs came over, he was this big, furry mess,” her dad says. “But Alida played with him and laughed a lot. We could tell that there was a connection.”

Mr.Gibbs takes his job very seriously and is very protective of Alida.And to Alida, Mr.Gibbs doesn’t just help her breathe-he’s her best friend!!!!!!

This will literally melt your heart. It is adorable,heart warming and and sad al at the same time. It makes you want to go to Longanville and give her a big hug. I know just reading about this story made me want to cry.



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